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What Are The Bonds?

Posted 19th December 18

The Bonds are non-readily realisable, fixed interest, transferable, debt instruments issued by

Raptor. To secure the obligations of Raptor, each of the companies, Raptor Capital International Limited (HoldCo) and Gold Streaming Raptor Limited (StreamCo) have entered into a fixed and floating charge over all its present and future assets pursuant to the Group Security Documents.

The Bonds allows Bondholders to lend money to Raptor in exchange for interest payments. The

Bonds pay a fixed rate of interest that does not change over its life. The original full face value of each Bond is due to be returned 3 years after it is issued. The Bond is secured on the assets of Raptor, HoldCo and StreamCo. The Security Trustee holds the security on behalf of Bondholders pursuant to the Security Trust Deed. Please note that  the security taken may be insufficient to repay bondholder capital and interest and does not guarantee return and there is no FSCS protection on Bonds.

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